I wish to know more about Pokemon Go from start

Pokemon Go craze hit worldwide. Many players play the game, but not all of them know all information about it. Although, Professor WIlloe make a brief presentation, all is not enough. So it happened to me, all I know is that I found myself, I went long. That is why I decided to do this article, trying to make a little writing tutorial.


First, if you watched cartoons, do you know Ash. Pikachu was Ash’s partner. If you try a little, you can have too. Pokemon series has 4 special pokemon, Bulbasaur, Pokachu, Squirtle and Charmender.  At first, you will have the opportunity to capture one of them, less on Pikachu. But if along the way you walk, avoid capture one of three Pokemon, finally the fourth time it will appear on the map Pikachu. I think when it is the only time you can easily capture Pikachu.


Now, to capture a pokemon means to be an extreme sport. Why? Because there are some pokemon that you can catch very hard, very hard. The circle around the pokemon that appears when you throw Pokeball indicate the degree of difficulty.  The smaller the circle, the capture rate is higher. And color circle is important. If green means it is easily caught, if yellow is slightly more difficult, and if red means it is difficult to caught and you will have to capture it with MasterBall.

Even if you managed to catch all the pokemon, not avoid to catch them multiple times. They give you experience points, Stadust and Candy. For example, if you have 5 Charmander, kept this most powerful, and the rest can send to the teacher.  He, for every pokemon, offers 1 Candy from that pokemon breed. With the help of Stardust and Candy, you can increase the power of Pokemon. With Candy you can evolve them. Before evolve a Pokemon, make sure that he have powerfull spells and high CP. If you evolve a pokemon with high CP, then the pokemon evolves will have a higher CP, usually 1000+.

You will reach level not easy, you need more experience points along the way you advance in level. You have to go  far for that. You have to fo to catch pokemon, to visit Pokstops and to fight in Gyms, so get experience points. If you keep going, you will hatch Eggs. Eggs vary depending by km: 10km, 5km and 2km. Most experience points to receive when a Pokemon evolves. It is preferable to keep Candy and evolve when you have activate a Lucky Egg. The Lucky Egg doubles your experience points for 30 minutes. With the help of an application called pokemon go cheats you have resources unlimited and catch more Pokemon.

Be sure to catch pokemon, make sure you are using the tracking system, which it is in the right side. This tracking system will show you what Pokemon you around. Depending on distance and order is their radar.


You should know that Stardust not be taken in vain. As you increase in level, you will find more powerfull pokemon. IF you are struggling to level 8 to get a pokemon with 300 CP, you will see that at level 10 you will catch a pokemon with 500 CP. If you want to give power up, make sure you know which pokemon you need. Usually, rare pokemon increase much power when you power up them.

SUA and Explorer 1

When you are discussing the satellite or, more clearly the man-made satellite, then it is obvious that you have to mention the name of some countries. Honestly, you have to specify the name of some powerful countries who are the key designer of the space technology and modern development. The countries are the USA and the Russia. It is not a new fact that Russia is the pioneer of the space exploration. The USSR launched the first satellite. Sputnik 1 is the name of the first satellite, launched in 1957. Now the two countries USA and USSR are two key opponents and so a hidden competition was there for a long time. Now it was a clear fact that when USSR has achieved a milestone, then the USA must try to achieve something more. And this promise came into existence the first satellite of the USA (or SUA), Explorer 1.


Important facts about Explorer 1:

The first satellite of the USA: Actually Explorer 1 is the first artificial satellite of the USA. This is a third satellite of the world, as Soviet Russia has launched the first two satellites that are Sputnik 1 and Sputnik 2. It is a fact that the USA has achieved great milestone because after this satellite the USA has developed its space project thousand fold, and currently it contains the number one space agency in the world.


The aim of the satellite: The aim of the first satellite was to integrate the operation of the satellite into exploration programs. Now this exploration program included the exploration of the space journey and also the probable space discoveries. The best work that this satellite performed was to provide data regarding the condition of the ionosphere in the polar region. In 1955 the launch of the satellite was declared, though the real launching took place on 1 February in 1958. From the launching time of the satellites of the two countries, the smell of the cold war can easily be felt. System which controls the satellite is called phone number tracker.

Successfully launching and the weather: Explorer 1 was launched from the “Cape Canaveral Air Force Station” launch pad. The launch date was postponed for two days due to the bad weather. Even on the launching day the space scientists were a bit worried about the condition of the weather, though, at last, the mission was successful, and the satellite was launched successfully. Now one important fact regarding the launch of the satellite is, it was revealed that weather could be a great factor. The rocket launched the satellite.


With the success of this mission not only the USA but also the world arena of the space technology gained a huge advancement. After the successful launching of the Explorer 1, it was decided that the next satellites will be launched to serve a specific mission. Currently, with the modern development and design space agencies of different countries are exploring a lot of possibilities regarding various factors of the solar system and the universe.

Today the USA is the most developed country regarding the space technology and with the famous satellite, Explorer 1 now the space agency of USA, NASA is leading the space exploration of the world.

Windows XP

Windows XP


Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the leading manufacturer of software, services and Internet technology for personal computers and business environment. It can be said that Windows XP continues the tradition already established by predecessors Windows NT and Windows 2000. Although the enriched core is built on Windows 2000, it is easier to use and more powerful for all users of PCs. A computer system is a set of resources, usually expensive, with more features. These may mention that he offers convenient user interface, friendly, making it extremely difficult to use directly by an unsuspecting user, common. In addition, for economic reasons because resources are sometimes too expensive, they should be used concurrently. Thus, it is one of the causes for the appearance of the operating system. A definition of an operating system would be a series of manual procedures and program modules which manages the computer system resources (memory, processor, information), solving conflicts of access and trying to optimize their operation. Microsoft Windows XP operating system was first presented by Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect, along with Jim Allchin at the event Experience Music Project in Seattle. On 24 August 2001 the two had representatives of six major PC manufacturers, “gold code” end of Windows XP. CDs containing the final version of Windows XP were placed in six boxes of gold.


Windows XP will have a new image that will make it easier to use and more powerful for all users of PCs. The new design will make it easier visual-based work tasks and will be the most significant update to the Windows interface since the launch of Windows 95 desktop will have a simpler design, colorful, clean and will make your PC more easy and intuitive to use. Windows XP will extend the power of the PC by connecting devices, digital media and Web services to provide users with new ways to exploit the computing environment: the ability for any user who has a scanner and a digital camera to copy pictures from your PC to you view, edit, print, publish or send them on whom he wants. Windows XP enriches digital music allowing users to quickly and easily build their collections in digital format to take with them and the music they want to listen to various portable devices. Also, Windows XP gives users the ability to relax watching movies on the Web or on DVD. The possibility for direct connection to the user with a friend or expert who might help if ivirii problems.


From visually appears the idea of visual styles that allow the operating system to switch to a new look and behave as such when going from one style to another. Obviously, apps created with new tools from Microsoft can benefit from these facilities. Visual styles are controlled through the properties dialog display that was developed in a large number of ways. Needless to say, simplifying desktop theme made the icons that appear in dialogues notifications to be used only for that purpose (eg indication of a new email arrived). This is accomplished by not allowing choice in situations of these icons by simply hiding.